Our Club Goals

  1. Have Fun
  2. Keep cars on the road
  3. Participate in Car Shows
  4. Participate in races
  5. Participate in local and regional drives

What We Do


Our regular monthly meeting is held at 10AM on the second Saturday of every month at the Waterloo Ice House on 360 at 2222.

We also have a Social Hour at 7pm on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, and is held at a different venue each time. See the calendar for this month’s location!

We welcome visitors with or without a Triumph. We’ve even been known to welcome MG owners!


One thing is for sure with our members, we drive these cars like they were made to be driven.

Come explore some of the Hill Country’s most scenic, fun roads with a great group of enthusiasts.

Stopping to explore many of the local “watering holes” and restaurants along the way,

We try to schedule one drive a month but sometimes we’ve been known to have more!


From our local monthly meetings to annual events such as ALL BRITISH CAR DAYS and regional and national events, our club always shows up no matter how far the drive.


From time to time, we hold “Fix-it-Days” to keep our British iron on the road and safe. From simple safety checks to emergency repairs, it seems like our members never tire at keeping these cars safe and running.

Check the calendar for the next Fix-it-Day.


Our award winning newsletter, THE RAGTOP is part of membership. Always packed with our latest adventure, meeting notes and event dates. It also features some regular articles such as “Mike’s Tool of the Month” to articles on our member’s exploits in vintage racing, regional and national event news to fixing your car and  keeping it running.

What It Takes

  1. Join the club and let us know what you are interested in
  2. Pay dues to cover club expenses
  3. Come to meetings
  4. Participate in what you want to do
  5. Drive your car
  6. Share your experiences with club members and potential members
  7. You don’t have to own a Triumph! An interest in these cars is all that’s required.

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